William Lee

Personal Trainer

Hi I am William, I have been a personal trainer for over five years and have been working within the fitness industry for four years. Its safe to say I absolutely love my job. My main qualifications are level two fitness instructing, level three personal training, level three sports massage, level one spin instructor and a qualified Les Mills grit instructor. My main ethos within my job is to help people achieve their goals and have a smile on their face along the road. Fitness is a challenging journey and my job is to make sure we travel in the right direction together. Fitness classes are a massive passion of mine. It is a means to express myself and a chance to interact with multiple people at the same time. Group fitness classes are helpful for members as a large group will encourage each other, boost morale an focuses on a wide range of different aspects of fitness. My favourite class to take is spinning as I can play music that I love, that I know my clients will love and share the amazing feeling that training gives us when we work out together. Outside of the gym I love to travel, go for long walks, oh… and Eat!! You can join me at my classes: spin, circuits and bootcamp.


> Level 2 Fitness Instructing (2012)

> Active IQ Level 3 In Personal Training (2013)

> Active IQ Level 3 In Sports Massage (2013)

> Level 1 Spin Instructor (2015)

> Les Mills Grit Instructor (2018)